Features & Benefits of Combi Gas Boilers

Combi Gas Bolier Installation in Lanarkshire is getting popular among home owners. These energy efficient boilers are a better alternative to traditional boilers as they provide hot water to your taps and radiators as and when you need it. It is the most popular type of domestic Gas Boiler Installation in Bellshill and Lanarkshire for home owners, as nowadays more than 50% of new boiler installations in the UK are combi boilers.

Gas Boiler Installation Bellshill, Lanarkshire

  • It requires no tank to be installed, so you can save time and money as there is less pipe work and a shorter installation time. Also, it provides complete central heating as well as water heating so you don’t need to buy separate water cylinder and hence it saves your money as well as household space. The compact size of the boiler makes it easy to fit into a kitchen or storage cupboard, so you don’t need any storage cylinder.
  • It is ideal for homes with limited space as they can be fitted easily into a storage cupboard or most kitchens. Because there is no need for bulky storage cylinders to be installed, your combo boiler can reduce the amount of space required for your heating system installation.
  • These boilers are fed directly from the main and provide home heating with consistently high water pressure remaining even with heavy use. There is a varied range of combo boilers available and you should make your choice based on your individual needs considering price, budget, size, and energy efficiency and water pressure of a boiler.

Things to consider before gas boiler installation in Lanarkshire

If you are looking for Gas Boiler Installation in Lanarkshire, it is important to seek help from renowned installation companies. You need to consider how many rooms in your home requires heating and a hot water supply as well as space restriction for choosing the right sized boiler. It is also important to consider that energy efficiency of boilers vary from A to G, where A is rating for highly energy efficient systems and G offer the least energy saving advantages. You can also replace your old boiler with new combo boiler installation and save money each year on your utility bills.

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