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Benefits from Boiler Scrappage Scheme in Lanarkshire
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Your old boiler may cost you a fortune in wasting energy. It is important to get it replaced with a new boiler to save utility bills as well as to avoid co2 emission. One of the best ways of upgrading to a new boiler is using Boiler Scrappage Scheme Lanarkshire. It is the way to get grant from the government’s scheme on replacing your old boiler. If you have an old G rated boiler, it is highly recommended to replace it with modem energy efficient boilers. You can also choose to switch energy provider and save more money on your utility bills.

Boiler Scrappage Scheme Lanarkshire

There are many modern boiler having efficiency rate of more than 90% in comparison to 70% efficient rate of an old G-rated boiler.

Tips for replacing your old boiler

Buying a new boiler may cost you thousands. It is wise to get your old boiler replaced by new boiler under Boiler Scrappage Scheme Lanarkshire. Grant funding is currently available for gas boilers, oil boilers, LPG boilers and electric storage heaters.

In order to find the best boiler to suit your requirements, it is recommended to shop around to find the best deal. One must look for getting quotes from independent installers as well as the major supplies in your area. There are no complicated terms and conditions in boiler grants. If you get qualified for a grant, you can a new boiler as well as new heating controls (if necessary to be installed).

An energy assessment is conducted free of cost to determine the amount of funding you are eligible under the scheme. In certain cases, a small contribution from home owner may be required.

The amount of funding you get is determined by the efficiency of your home, so an energy assessment will be carried out free of charge. In some instances a small contribution may be required.

You can apply for an ECO grant through the websites of independent suppliers as well. They provide free boiler along with free installation if you are eligible for the grant. The grants are currently available for free gas boiler, free oil boiler, LPG boiler, biomass boilers and storage heat replacement.

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